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Top Christmas cards 2012

Twelfth Night.  The decorations are down and I’ve been collecting up the cards.  Always amuses me that staunchly atheist friends send cards with religious themes (angels, wise men, Flights into … Continue reading

7 January 2013 · 2 Comments

An Atheist and a Muslim walk into a Christian festival . .

We couldn’t make the Greenbelt Festival for the first time in years, mud ‘n all. And missed a cracking line-up: Proclaimers (and I would walk five hundred miles .  .), … Continue reading

28 August 2012 · 2 Comments

(Why) should atheists engage with religious people?

I responded to a blog post this week & I’d be interested in your comments. Should inter faith and multifaith activities involve people who do not identify themselves as religious? … Continue reading

21 July 2012

A Jewish weekend

Yesterday I joined one of South London Inter Faith Group’s walks.  It included the Bevis Marks Synagogue (the website has a beautiful soundtrack). On Saturday evening I was at the … Continue reading

16 July 2012

Networks, anyone?

My next invitation to say a few words is for the Inter Faith Network – UK next week. The programme says Networking – what is it?!  What is a ‘network’?  … Continue reading

6 July 2012

Does it matter if the chairs are hard or that the children are coughing?

Recently I’ve been way too busy with two other blogs (London Peace Network, London Boroughs Faiths Network) and have neglected my firstborn. But here’s a talk on poverty and friendship … Continue reading

6 July 2012

Inside and outside St Paul’s

What a difference a week makes. When I visited OccupyLSX last weekend, eviction proceedings were under way,  there was plenty of hostility (from the London Mayor, the government), the Dean … Continue reading

7 November 2011 · 2 Comments

Occupy London Stock Exchange

The Occupy LSX camp held an open multifaith event outside St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday – Sermon on the Steps.  How could I resist? I live tweeted until I got … Continue reading

31 October 2011

How important to religion is belief?

If you’re religious, do you suffer reputational damage from attending a humanist or secularist event?  Or, if you’re atheist, from going to religious events?  Compared to the huge number of … Continue reading

22 October 2011 · 1 Comment

Does it matter who bought the new homes?

It used to be an old people’s home, then a temporary hostel for asylum-seekers.  After that, the building next to us was squatted. Everything was demolished,  including some flats for … Continue reading

18 September 2011 · 1 Comment

It may be raining, but . .

. .  we’re all set for the BBQ launch of our new Neighbourhood Watch this afternoon. A knock on the door and a chat last week, a flyer through the … Continue reading

20 August 2011

Muslim-led fortnight of neighbourliness

I was happy to speak at the launch of the Islamic Forum of Europe‘s new project, My Neighbours.  The project will run for a couple of weeks – it encourages … Continue reading

22 July 2011


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