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Theists and atheists

The public conversation around the place of religion in 2010 society can be knee-jerky and defensive.  I’m not convinced the Westminster Declaration does a great deal, if anything, to help bridge the gap of understanding between the churches and everyone else.

There has been a flurry of good radio (often the best medium for this kind of thing) on the subject recently, though.  Here’s my top 6, available to listen again or via podcast:

  1. Start the Week Monday 5 April on BBC Radio 4: Andrew Marr with Philip Pullman (on his new book, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ), Rowan Williams (with a great line on the frustrations of managing a global bureaucracy – finding short term solutions for long term problems, looking for structural solutions to relationship difficulties ), Mona Siddiqui & David Baddiel (on his new film, The Infidel).
  2. Night Waves Tuesday 6 April on BBC Radio 3: Philip Pullman interviewed beautifully by Philip Dodd about his new book.
  3. Night Waves Monday 11 May last year on BBC Radio 3: Terry Eagleton interviewed by Rana Mitter some time ago about his book, Reason, Faith and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate.
  4. Beyond Belief Monday 22 March on BBC Radio 4: Islam in Europe.
  5. Sunday Sunday 11 April: Discussion about the general election with Steve Chalke (Faithworks), Francis Davis (Blackfriars Hall, Oxford & government advisor) and & Dennis Wrigley (Maranatha Community)
  6. Thinking Allowed Wednesday 7 April: Laurie Taylor asking “is the secular world under threat?”  Eric Kauffman, Tariq Ramadan and Rebecca Goldstein.

A TV programme which didn’t stand a chance of being in my top 6 was a late Sunday nighter Are Christians Being Persecuted [in the UK]?, to which the short and the long answer is “No”.


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