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I was at Pax Christi International in Brussels yesterday for a board meeting of the European Network on Religion & Belief. Excellent conversations (mostly in English, my school French gets … Continue reading

23 September 2015

Brussels – Jewish Museum killings & EU elections

Jewish museums in London & Vienna I know, but not the one in Brussels, a city I visit several times a year for ENORB meetings.  With the #EU2014 elections in … Continue reading

26 May 2014


Bill Viola’s video work Martyrs is now installed at St Paul’s Cathedral (stills above and below).  I was updating the Clips page on this blog, including an item on the … Continue reading

24 May 2014

European network of intercultural groups?

Just back in London from an *intensive* day in Brussels with a bunch of remarkable people. Four of us from the UK met up with eight more from a variety … Continue reading

17 January 2011 · 4 Comments

The EU (or whatever)

I’m booked on Eurostar to Brussels next Monday.  A handful of us (some from the UK, others from Europe-wide networks) have a meeting at the European Commission to talk about … Continue reading

11 January 2011 · 2 Comments

CEJI course ends

The CEJI course on combating religious discrimination finishes tomorrow – what a blast.  An extraordinary bunch of people involved in so many different organisations, groups and movements.  We shared tagine … Continue reading

27 November 2009 · 4 Comments

Government money for ministers of religion

Financial support from the state for registered faith communities?  Belgium, Germany, Romania, Sweden and maybe other countries give money to pay the salaries and pensions of some ministers of religion.  … Continue reading

25 November 2009

Europe, multiculturalism & laïcité

The BBC’s Gavin Hewitt has touched on one or two issues that have come up at the CEJI course – how different do we want to be from each other?  … Continue reading

25 November 2009

European faultlines

A day dedicated to identity & cultural awareness on the course, but as is often the case, it’s the private conversations afterwards which dig deeper.  How does Belgium work culturally?  … Continue reading

23 November 2009

Church of Scotland, Brussels

Packed congregation at St Andrew’s Church of Scotland this morning – and a truly international one, too.  Forty-nine nationalities.  A very warm welcome, a mix of Sydney Carter, Richard Gillard … Continue reading

22 November 2009


Arrived in Brussels for week-long awareness training on religious discrimination, made possible by a mobility grant from the EU, through Grundtvig.  People from different religious traditions from all over Europe … Continue reading

21 November 2009


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