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European network of intercultural groups?

Just back in London from an *intensive* day in Brussels with a bunch of remarkable people.

Four of us from the UK met up with eight more from a variety of religious and humanist traditions from other European countries.  We squished into a tiny office and offered our thoughts on a possible Europe-wide network of existing intercultural or all-faiths-&-none groups. 

What’s the best way to describe this kind of grassroots group?  Multifaith & interfaith have ‘faith’ in them, which excludes humanist and secular value-based traditions.  Someone suggested ‘interconvictional’ – is that going to catch on?

I was extra pleased that there were plenty of women – and action women at that, no messing.

Five of us had a further meeting at the European Commission in the afternoon.  The Berlaymont building would drive me nuts to work in – endless grey and blue corridors.  There must be a consultancy specialising in this kind of bureaucratic design – you find it from Fez to Finland.

Looks like there may be a gathering towards the end of this year, probably in Brussels.  Would your interconvictional group be interested in joining us?  Let me know :)

4 comments on “European network of intercultural groups?

  1. spanishwalker
    19 January 2011

    Please, can you delete my last comment?! I write it by mistake, and It was not with my account. Anyway, we can keep in touch by Twitter as I said: spanishwalker. Thanks a lot :)

    • Catriona Robertson
      19 January 2011

      No problem – it didn’t get posted because it came from a different account :) But yes, very interested in Lund and yes, student communities are brilliant for practising co-existence!

  2. Catriona Robertson
    18 January 2011

    Thanks for your interest!

    I’m sure you would be very welcome to the conference – if it takes place :) Are there any intercultural or interfaith/belief groups where you are?

    Please keep in touch – identity, culture and how we communicate are of great interest to me.

  3. spanishwalker
    18 January 2011

    As a student of Master in European Studies with focus in European cultural and identity politics and Europe-wide communication, it sounds very interesting!

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