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Multifaith logos with a difference

                    I like these – especially the inclusion of a question mark! The row of accepted religious symbols is de rigeur … Continue reading

22 July 2012

(Why) should atheists engage with religious people?

I responded to a blog post this week & I’d be interested in your comments. Should inter faith and multifaith activities involve people who do not identify themselves as religious? … Continue reading

21 July 2012

Occupy London Stock Exchange

The Occupy LSX camp held an open multifaith event outside St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday – Sermon on the Steps.  How could I resist? I live tweeted until I got … Continue reading

31 October 2011

European network of intercultural groups?

Just back in London from an *intensive* day in Brussels with a bunch of remarkable people. Four of us from the UK met up with eight more from a variety … Continue reading

17 January 2011 · 4 Comments

Battersea Park

We were out in the beautiful autumn sunlight this afternoon at Battersea Park.  One of us went down to the riverbank – it was low tide – and looked for … Continue reading

17 October 2010

Eddie Izzard & savoire faire on European networking

I’m for the Eddie Izzard approach to speaking new languages – just get on and do it.  In public.  Trouble is, many of us educated in the “Don’t open your … Continue reading

27 September 2010 · 5 Comments

La rentrée

Wow!  Work has exploded this week.  Everyone in London seems to be back at their desks, full of zest and ideas from their summer break – and writing me emails. … Continue reading

8 September 2010

Who are you?

No, not genealogy – spare me – but identity. Gary Younge was on BBC2’s The Review Show (the arts show that hasn’t quite found its feet since it stopped being … Continue reading

8 July 2010 · 1 Comment

Peace Mala

Peace Mala wristbands with their rainbow colours are a brilliant way to show that people from different religions (and none) can work together without losing their distinct identities. I’ve ordered … Continue reading

20 May 2010

Edinburgh to London

Last stop on my meander from Edinburgh to London: the beautiful Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby.  A place for students of any/no faith tradition to use – quiet … Continue reading

6 May 2010


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