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Srebrenica yesterday

My good friend Abdullah Faliq sent me this photograph today.  He is in Srebrenica with a group from London. It shows the burial yesterday of the remains of over 600 … Continue reading

12 July 2011

Eurobloggers in London/Londres/Londra

Bloggers across Europe have been hopping on Eurostar to get to today’s gathering here in London at the new Europe House in Smith Square. I’m hardly a Euroblogger, but making … Continue reading

10 December 2010

Berlin (en français pour la journée du blogging multilingue)

Quand on peur qu’on ne peut pas parler la langue étrangère qu’on apprenait à l’école il y a beaucoup des ans, mon avis est: allez au pays plus étrange et … Continue reading

25 September 2010 · 2 Comments

Missing lives – Balkans

Quick post before I catch the train to Vienna.  I’ve just seen this news item about a photo exhibition (Nick Danziger & Rory MacLean) which will be travelling from London’s … Continue reading

7 July 2010

Life-giving theatre in Bosnia & London

Stef O’ Driscoll (award-winning theatre director) and Mark Griffin (St Mary’s University College, London), friends I’ve made through my thespian daughter, are off to Sarajevo on Friday.  They want to … Continue reading

11 February 2010


Identity – inherited, formed, forged or chosen? I haven’t visited yet – hope it includes ideas from post-essentialism geography and cultural theory. Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, London.

15 January 2010

Breaking and Entering

A great evening with old friends from Papua New Guinea days (now dividing their time between Timor and the US).  Then TV news footage of the devastating earthquake in Haiti … Continue reading

14 January 2010

Is town planning fair?

The Royal Town Planning Institute‘s strapline is “mediation of space – making of place”.  The Swiss referendum on a blanket ban on new minarets throughout the country (instead of the … Continue reading

5 January 2010 · 1 Comment

An afternoon in Harrow

Brrrr – cold in Harrow this afternoon.  I spotted the new mosque (scaffolding still around the minaret) at about the same time as I noticed huge numbers of police in … Continue reading

13 December 2009 · 2 Comments


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