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Srebrenica yesterday

My good friend Abdullah Faliq sent me this photograph today.  He is in Srebrenica with a group from London.

It shows the burial yesterday of the remains of over 600 men and boys at the Potocari cemetery.

Mourning the dead from 1995 at Srebrenica yesterday (photo Abdullah Faliq)

Around 8,000 Bosniacs (Muslim Bosnians) were killed when Serb forces overran a UN safe enclave during the civil war in 1995.  It is the worst European atrocity to take place since WWII.

They are still discovering the remains of brothers, sons, uncles, husbands, grandfathers, nephews, fathers and friends – these are buried at a special service once a year.

Find the BBC report on yesterday’s events here and a post from my 2009 visit to Bosnia here.


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