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Learning to live in a multicultural world (in Switzerland)

Tuesday, 26 July (4.45pm) – Sunday, 31 July (noon) Learning to live in a multicultural world Diaspora and peacemaking in Europe Have a look at the programme – I spent … Continue reading

20 April 2011

Gary Younge at Jewish Book Week & Lisa Gornick’s drawings

Through Jewish Book Week’s blog, I found Lisa Gornick’s extraordinary drawings.  Lisa has a Drawing Shop and a daily drawing blog.  Here is one of drawings, Unititled, which I’ve chosen … Continue reading

5 March 2011

Fear and Hope

Searchlight Educational Trust’s Fear and Hope report is now online.  There’s quite a lot of it so a good read will have to wait. A quick look at the ‘tribes’ … Continue reading

28 February 2011

How culturally secure are you?

It’s been a challenging weekend for multiculturalism – and barely a mention of David Cameron or Angela Merkel. Harry Eyres’ Slow Lane in the FT Weekend wonders whether our current … Continue reading

27 February 2011 · 2 Comments

Monoculture, what monoculture?

Faith Matters held a panel/Q&A event a couple of months ago in London (lovely venue – Royal Commonwealth Society), with Christina Patterson, columnist at the Independent; Jonathan Arkush, barrister and … Continue reading

29 December 2010

Diaspora & peacemaking in Europe

Heard from Angela & Nina at IoC Switzerland that the programme for Learning to Live in a Multicultural World: Diaspora and Peacemaking in Europe is ready and will be at … Continue reading

11 December 2010

Who are you?

No, not genealogy – spare me – but identity. Gary Younge was on BBC2’s The Review Show (the arts show that hasn’t quite found its feet since it stopped being … Continue reading

8 July 2010 · 1 Comment

A missed train in Bristol

I was catching the 0939 from Bristol on Sunday and was on the platform at 0938.  But British trains are now protected from the indignity of just-in-time types like me.  … Continue reading

18 January 2010


Identity – inherited, formed, forged or chosen? I haven’t visited yet – hope it includes ideas from post-essentialism geography and cultural theory. Exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, London.

15 January 2010

Breaking and Entering

A great evening with old friends from Papua New Guinea days (now dividing their time between Timor and the US).  Then TV news footage of the devastating earthquake in Haiti … Continue reading

14 January 2010


Planning some dancing tomorrow night at Shoreditch Town Hall.  I have never managed to adjust to English new year customs and generally feel altogther far too wild to be taking … Continue reading

30 December 2009

European faultlines

A day dedicated to identity & cultural awareness on the course, but as is often the case, it’s the private conversations afterwards which dig deeper.  How does Belgium work culturally?  … Continue reading

23 November 2009


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