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Gary Younge at Jewish Book Week & Lisa Gornick’s drawings

Untitled by Lisa Gornick. She says, "I feel helpless at the killing of women in countries all over the world. The disasters inflicted on a woman because of gender."

Through Jewish Book Week’s blog, I found Lisa Gornick’s extraordinary drawings.  Lisa has a Drawing Shop and a daily drawing blog.  Here is one of drawings, Unititled, which I’ve chosen because today was Million Women Rise‘s march, but have a look at them all.  Others I like very much are Ambition and Freedom.

I’m off to hear Gary Younge at Jewish Book Week tomorrow.

“Journalists Gary Younge and Jeffrey Kaye wrestle with “identity” in this thought-provoking session.

Younge assesses that identity politics may be a great place to start an idea of self and community but a terrible place to conclude.

Kaye examines what he terms ‘coyote capitalism’, a strategy which defines people, like other natural resources, as supplies to be shifted around to meet demand.”



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