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journeys at home and abroad


My son (then 14) and I travelled from Andalusia, across north Africa and through the Middle East during the winter of 2006/7.  His interests: ancient history and football.  My interests: people of different traditions living well together and cafés.

map & route

We took notes, photographs (the top left photo was taken in the Sahara in Libya) and recordings but they are still stashed away with the incense grains, local newspapers and other souvenirs we returned with.

When invited to join an inter faith visit to Bosnia in October 2009, I decided to blog as I went.

Since returning to London, I’ve added a few thoughts on the Balkans as and when.  I’ve been adding a few notes from other journeys, too – Pakistan, Brussels and Berlin, Turkey, the Balkans.

I tweet most days and these are fed through to the blog, but you can follow me directly @multifaith.

I have a slim freelance blog, and also work with the London Boroughs Faiths Network and Christian Muslim Forum.

Ask if you’d like more information or contact details about anything I mention and let me know about your own multifaith / intercultural activities and reflections.

Leave a reply to say hello here – and if you blog or tweet, let me know so that I can follow you, too.


8 comments on “About

  1. Suzanne Inayat-Khan
    3 June 2014

    Hi Catriona, I am currently studying to be an interfaith minister. This weekend in London our focus is Islam. However, our speaker is unfortunately suddenly ill. I thought of you as I follow you on twitter – I wondered if you had any Muslim contacts who might be happy to come and share their faith with us, albeit last minute! On either Saturday or Sunday. If so, I can give you the details of our tutor by email – or pass on theirs. I hope you don’t mind me asking!
    With respect and admiration for all your multi faith work
    Suzanne Inayat-Khan

    • Catriona Robertson
      3 June 2014

      Hi Suzanne – yes of course, please email me what the purpose of the training is, plus a few details & I’ll pass it on. Slightly short notice for London folk – and there’s a big conference on this weekend on anti-Muslim hatred, so let’s see. Thanks for being in touch :)

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  3. Dr. Mohamed Taher
    13 October 2010

    How nice to see someone’s domain with similar name, similar interest and similar passion to disseminate.
    Stay connected.

  4. Paul
    24 February 2010

    Hi Catriona! Great website! Thanks for your card and photos! We were remiss this year. What is your email?
    Best,Paul and Woineshet

    • Catriona Robertson
      24 February 2010

      Hey – old, old friends from far, far away – and with Balkan links, too! Very good to be in touch – will email. Catriona

  5. Jeanne Hinton
    25 January 2010

    Hi !

    Made it on to your site ! Fascinating; great content. Decided to respond this way to see how it works and to get my address into system. Interested in comment on Francis Younghusband. A close friend of Tom Lees’ mother (Post Green). I think mentioned in book. He is buried in churchyard at Lytchett Minster. Could say he had some input into Post Green Community ; an influence. And of course loved reading what happened to you after you left us on station at Bristol. Now pondering whether I take the plunge; time a consideration and energy. But thanks for your encouragement etc etc …. Jeanne

    • Catriona Robertson
      11 February 2010

      Hi Jeanne – great to hear from you, and I must tell Michael about the Younghusband connection. Still rather overwhelmed with work, so your comments about time and energy are well made. Let me know when the plunge has been taken – would love to keep up with your travels and writing. Catriona

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