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Beyond the niceties: building stronger Christian-Muslim relations

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If you’re coming to the Greenbelt Festival in a couple of weeks, find me at the Treehouse at 12.30pm on Sunday.  This is what the programme will say:

Tolerating one another and being nice to each other isn’t enough if people of different faiths (Christians and Muslims) are going to live well together.  Catriona Robertson explores some of the hot topics, difficult conversations and taboos that we so often skirt around and overlook in Christian-Muslim dialogue and cooperation, asking if there’s a way we can adopt a more warts-and-all approach to the way we approach one another’s faiths – their dark as well as lighter aspects.

Which hot topics would you explore?  What are the darker aspects of Christian and Muslim life that need an airing?

Without being naïve, what will bring hope rather than ramp up the fear?


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