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Surprise – two of my fellow panelists dropped out of a tv discussion, Should Muslims become more involved in interfaith activities?, and the two stand-ins took it in an unexpected direction.

It’s difficult to prove that intercultural activity is beneficial (easier to point to what happens when it fails – European history is littered with examples), but I gave it a shot.  I mentioned MUJU, the Muslim-Jewish theatre company’s work on peace in the midst of the horrific Gaza-Israel conflict last summer.  And, in contrast, some joint work between Islamic centres, churches & the NHS on mental health.

The show’s host allowed everyone a fair crack at it.  London is a place where difficult conversations can still take place in relative safety; if we stop talking to people we profoundly disagree with, I said, we’re sunk.

Multifaith solidarity wasn’t up to the mark, it was alleged, citing its absence at the far right protest against Harrow Mosque a few years ago.  As it happens, I was there – on the other side of the police line, with Jewish and many other friends, in solidarity with the Mosque and against Stop Islamisation of Europe.  We must have kept too low a profile.

I just hope I didn’t come across too squeaky.


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