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ben-lawersIs the vote about Scottish independence?  More likely to be about wanting a more responsive political system – being heard, acknowledged, responded to.  If the UK Parliament reflected Scottish politics even a little more, I doubt we’d be on the edges of our seats tonight.  A straw in the wind for European politics.  This part-Scots, part-English family is in for the long haul tonight!

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  1. Kirsten
    19 September 2014

    Yes I’d say the referendum is – or was – about Scottish independence. Feeling unheard is part of it but not the whole story. I felt quite tearful hearing the long loud cheers when the Glasgow vote came in, a glimpse of the joy we could have had right across Scotland if it had been a yes vote. The yes support peaked too soon: it made the Westminster establishment suddenly realise that there could be a yes vote and it gave them time to send up the big guns and mobilise the big institutions, banks, supermarkets etc. to tell us that we’d all be going to hell in a basket if we dared to vote yes…Very sad that Alex Salmond has resigned. It’s a dreich day in Edinburgh today, matching the mood of many…

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