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What did the Moors do for us?

In amongst the scholarly contributions to Arches Quarterly IV/8 you’ll find something a bit different, with food, Canon David Porter & Billy Bragg in it.

That’s my piece (p 74).

I talk about the intentional, if limited, Abrahamic pluralism in early Andalusia, Sicily & Salonica (now Thessaloniki) – wonderful places, extraordinary history.  How do we negotiate our different histories in the re-telling of them?

There are some seriously good articles in here – on the Moriscos, Turkey & the EU, Balkan Muslim identities, Welsh Islam & Muslim soldiers in WWI & WWII.

If you’d like a complimentary hard copy, let me know.

And tell me how well we’re doing nowadays – Muslims, un-religious people, Christians, everyone – living together in Europe (& elsewhere – some of you read this blog from distant lands – I’d love to hear from you).

How is it where you are, whether you’re Muslim or not?  Convivencia?  Tricky?  Work in progress?  A nightmare?  A joy?


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