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Muslim-led fortnight of neighbourliness

I was happy to speak at the launch of the Islamic Forum of Europe‘s new project, My Neighbours.  The project will run for a couple of weeks – it encourages Muslims across Britain to take the initiative and get to know their neighbours.

Speaking at the launch of My Neighbours Project, Toynbee Hall, on Monday

The project’s website includes a few ideas, taken from Islamic teaching, of what this might include:

  • Initiate greetings and congratulate neighbours at times of happiness
  • Be kind and caring towards them by exchanging gifts
  • Respect and honour neighbours and ask after their well-being
  • Pay them a visit when they fall sick
  • Attend to their needs and offer assistance
  • Offer condolences during times of difficulties
  • Overlook shortcomings, conceal faults and forbear in the face of annoyance
  • Love for your neighbour what you love for yourself
  • Safeguard their privacy
  • Consult them in matters that may affect their household

Looks like a good list to me – and with the mention of privacy, quite topical, too.

I hope it goes well.  You can keep up to date with activities – and get involved yourself – through the project’s website.


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