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Weddings :)

For anyone whose heart melted a little seeing Kate and William take their vows, here’s a bit more on weddings.

First, a lovely clip from a BBC programme on the Hasidic Jewish community in north London –

“You can feel it in the air, how much people are loving”, one of the guests says.

And something from Gillian Tett in the FT (now available online without £) – she was an anthropologist before getting into financial journalism.

She studied marriage rituals in Tajikistan during the Soviet era, where people had to blend or negotiate Muslim and communist values.

She says,

“weddings include rituals that force a society to state its core values.”

My son and I met Tajiks on the Damascus-Tehran train on their way home from Hajj – in their beautiful long, quilted, night-sky blue velvet coats, hand made by their families.


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