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It’s a good a time as any to post a few pictures from our west-east trip a few winters ago.

Al-Saraya Al-Hamra, Tripoli - the castle on the corner of Martyrs/Green Square from where Col Gaddafi made a speech yesterday. There are pictures of the leader on large signs and built into the landscape across the country.

The hotel where we stayed in Tripoli. Libya is not a poor country and there were plenty of shops, restaurants, internet cafés and bookshops in Tripoli. English was widely spoken.

A street in the old town, Tripoli.

All shutters and shop doors were painted green, the colour of the Libyan flag since Col Gaddafi's rise to power

Near the castle, a carriage and photo-spot for newly-married couples in Martyrs Square / Green Square, Tripoli.

Staff from a restaurant near the fresh fish market, Tripoli.

Roman theatre, with the Mediterranean beyond. Leptis Magna isn't far from Tripoli.

Many miles south from Tripoli, where the desert turns into dunes.

Seeded bread, baked the desert way, in hot sand (heated by charcoal) - delicious.

The ancient oasis and camel caravan trading stop of Ghadames in the Sahara. Gold, precious stones, dates, silver and ostrich plumes travelled north; pearls, linen & paper travelled south. Since the 1970s, people have moved out to modern homes, leaving behind an intricate communal life which ensured everyone had enough water and other essentials. Every part of the date-palm was used. This interdependent, co-operative way of life sustained Ghadames for centuries.

Wild flowers


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