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Libya II

Footprints in the desert.

Another part of the ancient oasis, Ghadames.

Tripoli - one of the largest mosques, converted from a cathedral.

Inside an Orthodox church, Tripoli, where there is an icon of St George and the Dragon. There is a carving of the same subject on the red castle at Green Square. We also visited a Roman Catholic Franciscan church.

Star of David on the front of a house in Tripoli's old town - we were told that this house previously belonged to a Jewish family. After the 1967 war between Israel and neighbouring countries, many Jews were forced to leave cities along the southern Mediterranean where they had lived for hundreds of years. We were told that none remained in Libya. However, we were shown a small synagogue (not in Tripoli) which was protected by local people who remembered their Jewish neighbours and considered it part of their local heritage.

Sports shop in Tripoli's old town - my son (then 13) was invited to play football wherever we went. In Tripoli he played at a football club near the centre of town.

Another view of Leptis Magna's theatre, looking north over the Mediterranean. Libya is not so far from Italy and the relationship goes back a long way.

3 comments on “Libya II

  1. Gabriel Moore
    28 February 2011

    Yes they did, i made the mistake of getting in to one of Gaddafi’s secret police cars when near Ghadamas. They were all kitted out with the all the latest technology and walkie talkies and stuff, very fun to a 13 year old boy. Our friend was very scared i might have said something that would compromise him. However to fully answer you Anne, no, no opposition at all, only fear.

  2. Catriona Robertson
    27 February 2011

    Yes it is a beautiful country – with a big history. I’d love to return. The Italian influence is found in the clear, tasty broth! We were made so welcome and in answer to your questions, yes and yes.

  3. Anne McLintic Smith
    27 February 2011

    Thank you so much for letting us see these photos – what a beautiful place – I think most people really have no idea what kind of place Libya is. I wonder if people ever confided in you re Gaddafi and the regime – did you sense fear/opposition among the people you spoke to?

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