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Multifaith Europe

Good to meet up this evening with several people from across Europe who were at the CEJI course in Brussels last November – all practitioners/activists in their own fields.  The kind of work we’re involved in draws from the whole person, so catching up inevitably includes news of love affairs and bereavements – between us, over the last six months, we cover much of what it means to be human in 2010.

It’s refreshing to be amongst people who have different geographic and historic starting points – I tend to get very London-centric.  Before I left, I was told more than once that the UK is perceived to be ahead of the game on inter-faith relations compared to other European countries.  But each nation has a very specific history and rather different challenges to rise to: Germany’s relationship with Turkey and its guest worker scheme; the way France’s tradition of laïcité is playing out in response to current demands.

I’m hoping that strengthening contact between grassroots multifaith groups across Europe will enable us to learn from one another in the broadest sense.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s workshops.


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