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Lahore Press Club

We arrived at Lahore Press Club for our 2.30pm press conference to find only a dozen journalists.  They were watching live TV reports of attacks at two Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore, including a loop of a gunman firing from a minaret, an image which is bound to be reproduced widely.  70 people are now reported dead.

Sober discussion about the place of Ahmadi people in Pakistan over dinner tonight.  This followed a meeting with the Bishop of Lahore which raised similar concerns about the place of Christians.  Western and Christian identities are often conflated, resulting in Pakistani Christians being treated as outsiders in their own country.  Blasphemy laws have made things even worse for them, with violent attacks on the increase.

We return to London soon, having had an absorbing and eventful time here in Pakistan.

2 comments on “Lahore

  1. Catriona Robertson
    24 June 2010

    Stony Point looks like a good thing – thanks. Amazing to hear about your connection with Multan – it’s a wonderful place & you’ll have to visit. Your father would have known the prison we visited, which dates back to C19th Raj days. Sorry for a delay in responding – an inflight meal on the way home got the better of me! I’d love to come over. Now that the children are a bit older, I’m managing to get away more – off to Europe early July to find out a bit about how religious groups and non-religious people are getting on together. Great to be in touch.

  2. Anne McLintic Smith
    29 May 2010

    Wonderful blog, Catriona – I’ve just sent my minister Scott Planting details of it. Multan – I’ve always wanted to go there – my father in pre-Independence days was a police superintendent there and trained at Multan at the police academy. You’re doing great work – we need some of it to rub off on us here in the States – (though have a look at the Stoneypoint site (Kitty Ufford-Chase). Come over here and get people fired up. Free beds for as many as you like. x Anne

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