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Women’s solidarity

We have met wonderful women in Bosnia

We have met wonderful women in Bosnia

Amina 2A month ago, there was an unpleasant incident in Tuzla when a Christian nun was verbally attacked in public by Muslims.  The Federation of Women (a Muslim women’s group which draws women from all the mosque congregations in Tuzla) supported the nun and issued a public statement denouncing the incident.  It was the combination of personal support and public action at the right time which made this a very effective rebuttal.  When it comes to new or risky multi-faith activities, it is sometimes easier for women to take the lead – we are less likely to be in senior positions (of any world faith) and can organise under the radar.

The deep respect shown by men towards women within the Muslim community here is striking.

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  1. Perdita beckett
    8 October 2009

    Darling Catriona,
    The blogs a blast!!You are covering so much ground that was horribly done in during the war,and which left with only a sad knowledge of the country. Well done you for reminding us of a lovely, vital country,where good things happen.Love Perdita.

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