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Monday evening

Just out from a reception at the British Embassy where we were briefed by the Defence Attache.  Both entities within Bosnia, the Republic and the Federation, which are kind of parallel administrations, are in favour of EU and NATO membership, but there are difficulties in meeting the requirements.  I was interested to know why the EU and NATO were keen to see Bosnia become a member of both groups.

Much talk about religious, cultural and ethnic identities.  I have seen a few women in fashionable hijabs but no niquabs so far.  Plum brandy is a local speciality and seems to be drunk by all communities when, for example, visitors come for supper.

2 comments on “Monday evening

  1. KIrsten Stalker
    8 October 2009

    Hello my dear
    Enjoyed catching up on your adventures and reflections. The photos are good! ‘Bosnia: A short history’ arrived today so hopefully i will soon be slightly less ignorant than at present (although already better informed than last week through reading your narratives).

    Hope the rest of the trip goes well
    shrimp xx

  2. Richard Moberly
    6 October 2009

    Long to hear about your travels, but I am not surehow to reply: aldo, my computer has been playing up all day,

    Have just completed 2nd week of MA in “Christianity and Inter-relgious Relations (can you pronounce it: I can’t) at Heythrop College. Mostly Je3suits, but clerical collars are OUT.

    See you when you get back. Tichard

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