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Monthly Archives: May, 2010


We arrived at Lahore Press Club for our 2.30pm press conference to find only a dozen journalists.  They were watching live TV reports of attacks at two Ahmadiyya mosques in … Continue reading

28 May 2010 · 2 Comments

Peace Mala

Peace Mala wristbands with their rainbow colours are a brilliant way to show that people from different religions (and none) can work together without losing their distinct identities. I’ve ordered … Continue reading

20 May 2010

Blond, Hobsbawm but not Glasman

Better than any of the election debates on TV by far – Phillip ‘Red Tory’ Blond, Julia Hobsbawm and others at the Royal Festival Hall this evening.  Only wished Maurice … Continue reading

7 May 2010

Edinburgh to London

Last stop on my meander from Edinburgh to London: the beautiful Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby.  A place for students of any/no faith tradition to use – quiet … Continue reading

6 May 2010

Theists and atheists

The public conversation around the place of religion in 2010 society can be knee-jerky and defensive.  I’m not convinced the Westminster Declaration does a great deal, if anything, to help … Continue reading

6 May 2010


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